Spice up your Safari with additional Tour Excursions

Hot Air Balloon floating over the Serengeti
We want your trip to Tanzania to be everything you expected. Many times our visitors book a tour or safari but want to experience even more than the itinerary includes. Our optional tour excursions noted in detail below make it easy to add-on a new tour into your booked Paramount Safaris Safari!

If you’d like us to modify your existing safari to include any of these suggested optional tour excursions please contact us. We’d be happy to tailor an add-on tour excursion to fit your itinerary. All tour excursions must accompany a previously booked safari to be considered.

Hot Air Balloon Tour Excursion

Safari Tourist in Balloon Floating over the SerengetiHot air balloon aerial tours in Tanzania are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wilderness of East Africa, as you gracefully and silently fly over the plains teeming with herds of wildlife in the early morning. Aerial tours are designed to add a twist to your program aiding in the creation of lasting memories of your Tanzanian vacation tour. Imagine being flown over the Victoria Falls or traversing the gorges in a helicopter. Or how about an early morning rise on the Serengeti plains in a hot air balloon tour ride while watching the elephants in the distance or lions stalking their prey. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

 Lake Eyasi Tour Excursion

Lake Eyasi in Nogorongoro CraterLake Eyasi inside the Ngorongoro Crater is home to the last remaining tribe of hunter-gathers in Tanzania, the Hadzabe Bushmen. This option is ideal for nature lovers wanting to get off the beaten track and experience a truly secluded area of Tanzania. From Karatu Town, located at the outer Rim of the Ngorongoro Highlands you will head southwesterly on a dusty roads until you reach Lake Eyasi and the home of the hunter-gathers. Included is a visit to a famous blacksmith who produces knifes and arrow heads with ancient tools, followed by a visit to the beautiful people of the Datoga Tribe, still known for their colorful and stunning leather clothing. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Victoria Falls Tour Excursion

Victoria Falls Aerial AfricaEnjoy a guided tour around the world famous Victoria Falls – a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight on the Zambezi River, bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe. Columns of spray shoot high into the air as millions of cubic feet of water per minute plummet over a mile wide edge into a deep gorge that’s over 350 feet below. The wide basalt cliff, over which the falls thunder, transforms the Zambezi from a wide placid river to a ferocious torrent cutting through a series of dramatic gorges. Spend the day viewing the falls or add one of the countless activities offered on the spot like visiting Livingstone Town and the famous Livingstone Museum.
Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

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Zanzibar Tour Excursion

Young woman relaxing on a beautiful tropical beach in Zanzibar, AfricaThis is how many people would prefer to spend their extra time in Tanzania by sunning in ankle deep blue water on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar. On this excursion add-on, our first stop is the famous Spice Tour, an in-depth look at spices and their traditional uses in medicine, cosmetics and cooking. Then it’s on to our popular Historical Tour which takes you through fabled Stone Town, where history appears to stand still. With visits to the House of Wonders, the Palace Museum and the Arab Fort amongst others, it is a fascinating look at the essence of Zanzibar. You will see Zanzibar’s bustling market, winding alleyways, ornately carved doors, two cathedrals and mosques, quite a cultural rush.
Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Walking Tour Excursion

Walking Tour through Tarangire National ParkWe offer this specialized itinerary that offers a first hand natural feel of being in the wilderness, spotting wildlife on foot supported and guided by professional wildlife guides and armed national park rangers. The idea behind the walking tour is to be able to “watch” wildlife rather than to “spot” wildlife from a vehicle. Viewing wildlife in relation to its ecology by hearing, feeling and smelling their environment as they do, and more importantly, experiencing the small wonders of the African bush from its inhabitants point of view, is an experience like no other. The “watching” of wildlife allows guests to see the highly specialized behavior of the animals in areas where vehicles cannot possible reach or interfere with their on going activities. Participating in the walking requires patience and peace so not to startle the animals being watched, adding to the safety measure in this activity. The quality of experience is top notch especially for new safari enthusiasts. These tours require participants to walk up to two miles per day which requires a certain level of fitness and ability to move about rough and tumble landscapes, so proper gear and ability are required.
Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Horseback Riding Tour Excursion

Horseback Riding Tour Tanzania AfricaHorse back riding tours in Tanzania are offered as full multi-day riding experiences through the back wilderness areas supported by a supply crew and ready setup camps on arrival. The horse back tours are geared towards avid experienced riders who have a passion for this unique safari experience as well as for new riders who are comfortable with riding horses. The riding includes a defined route in place enables the tour guide to lead you across pockets of plains game animals, bushes, hill and slopes where vehicles are unable to penetrate. This is a unique tour that rewards the visitor with comfort and ease of using a horse to seeing more of the off-the-beaten-path locations. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

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Lake Natron Tour Excursion

Lake Natron Tanzania AfricaSpend some time in the wild and remote area of Lake Natron for a different kind of experience. Here the landscape is the attraction rather than the animals. One of the most original landscapes in East Africa is the area around Lake Natron home of the Masai, which live here still in traditional way and are hardly influenced of the modern culture. It is the home for millions of birds so is excellent for bird watching. This spectacular area sits just north east of the Ngorongoro Crater and forms part of Tanzania’s immense Great Rift Valley. Nestled between rolling volcanic hills and deep craters, Lake Natron sits at the lowest point of the rift valley. This area is hot and often very dry and dusty – so certainly for the more intrepid traveler.
Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

River Boating Tour Excursion

Boat Tour Tanzania AfricaThe experience on the river presents guests with opportunity to view game from the river exploring the different sections of the river banks inaccessible by vehicle or on foot. The opportunity is also perfect for viewing the diverse species of birdlife. The river plays hosts to hippo and crocodiles sun bathing with their mouths open wide. Elephants can be seen breaking down tree branches and lions relaxing under trees. There is also the Sun Downer, a mixed experience of watching wildlife and birds on the river banks, while watching the sun set and enjoying a beverage of your choice. This is an excellent experience after a long day of searching for wildlife. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

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Canoeing Tour Excursion

Canoe Tour Tanzania AfricaA Canoeing Tour is an fun and adventurous activity where guests paddle their way down stream on a fiberglass canoe while viewing and spotting game and birdlife en route. The ride is casual and is lead by a specialized canoe guide who is familiar with the area. Your guide notes water levels to determine the canoeing direction, positioning, and steering and explain the various wildlife sightings and interesting aspects during the trip as a variety of wildlife can be seen. The canoe tour is also supported by a service crew for your convenience. The canoes arrive at the shores where refreshments are served. The drive back to camp or lodge is by vehicle. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Zanzibar Fishing Tour Excursion

Deep Sea Fishing Tour ZanzibarOur guests staying on the island of  Zanzibar can take full or half day excursion over single or multiple days to fish. Among the methods used in the deep-sea fishing industry are deep bottom and rod fishing. Our expert skippers often select trawling which is the most exciting and rewarding experience. Multiple fishing line hookups increase the probability catching a fish. A camera brought along on your fishing expedition will help keep wonderful memories for years to come. The fishing experience is a wonderful opportunity to do something different as well as to enjoy the sun and the water. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Chimpanzee or Gorilla Tour Excursion

Chimpanzee eating a leaf in Tanzania, AfricaThe experience of viewing chimpanzees or gorillas in their natural habitat includes a full day of trekking in the Tanzanian forests, highlands and mountains. Guest have the opportunity to experience the park through sight and sound by examining the behavior of these highly advanced and sophisticated animals from a distance, which sometimes includes grooming, use of simplified tools, male dominance, and mating rituals. Chimpanzees and gorillas are part of the ape family and share a special genetic relationship with human beings, making them the closest relative of modern man. Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

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Mountain Biking Tour Excursion

Mountain Biking Tour Tanzania AfricaA  Mountain Bike Tour is a fun and adventurous activity. Several conservation areas in Tanzania or areas just outside national parks offer clients the opportunity to mountain bike around trails as part of the day excursion from the cool mountain slopes of Kilimanjaro down to the warm plains below. This provides an opportunity to experience the landscape and region seeing some of local parts and communities. Our Tanzania mountain bike tours fit your interest and ability, just bring strong legs, a little experience, and a desire to ride the paths and back roads of Tanzania. We’d love to add one of these rides to your adventure itinerary.
Please contact us to add a tour excursion.

Southern Africa Safari Excursions

Southern Africa Blyde River CanyonWe organize and design tailor made tours that go beyond Tanzania to Southern Africa. We take you deep into the amazing diversity of South Africa, Botswanna, Zimbabwe and Zambia where you’ll experience safari opportunities combined with outstanding luxury that few other safaris can match. Discover some of Africa’s most iconic and wildly different travel destinations such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, or feel the intensity of Big 5 game viewing in Botswana, home to Africa’s greatest numbers of elephant and a stronghold of its largest predators along with luxury camps and lodges, or participate in some of Africa’s best guided walking safaris, canoe, motor boat, and 4X4 safaris in Zambia. For something different, head down to South Africa and sample varietals of premium wines, discover Cape Towns luxury hotels, gorgeous harbor, top restaurants and shopping or take in the amazing Blyde River Canyon (pictured). And there are plenty of other destinations that lie far off the beaten path on a Southern Africa Safari, where options are left to the imagination. Please contact us to add a Southern Africa Safari excursion.

Cultural & Educational Tour Excursions – Giving Back

Masai tribe of warriors jumping with spears in Tanzania, AfricaThere are several opportunities to meet various cultural communities like the Masai that exist in Tanzania, to see their ways of life, to interact and ask questions and learn from them. Taking one of our Cultural or Educational Tours does just that. Revenue generated from your stay is put back into the community and into the conservation of the land and its habitats. There are several projects in the works including: school projects, water supply and mobile medical clinics. Tanzanian communities realize that the future of their culture, community, traditions and rituals can only be preserved if they fully participate. There are opportunities to spend additional time volunteering after your safari by giving back to Tanzania at various communities, helping out in the schools and at hospitals.

Please contact us to add a new tour excursion or ask a question about any of these tour excursions. Let us know how we can help make your Paramount Safaris experience even a more enjoyable one.
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