• Mt Kilimanjaro rises above the clouds at sunset, Tanzania Africa

Mountain Adventure

If you are looking for an amazing mountain adventure we recommend climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. It is the world’s highest free-standing, snow-covered equatorial mountain at 19, 340 feet. This place of myth and folklore watches over Tanzania like a proud father. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is a test of one’s abilities and has become a ‘must-do’ for traveler’s to Tanzania. The experience can truly be life changing.

Although not that technical, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is not for the faint of heart. As the climb weaves through tropical forests around 6,000 feet, this area is usually damp or drenched with rainfall. At 10,500 feet a wide expanse of moorland extends beyond the cloud line, so here the skies are generally clear, making the sunshine intense during the days and the nights cool and clear. The climbing incline remains gentle, but thinning oxygen provides less fuel to energize the muscles and can slow the pace of walking. Climbing higher into the Alpine Desert beyond 13,000 feet is where sparse vegetation intensifies as the landscape develops into a more alpine desert. Few plant species survive beyond 16,000 feet where the landscape is mostly rock and ice.

Our expert guides do their best to ensure you reach the top when climbing Mt Kilimanjaro by providing comfort, good food and encouragement along the way. Making the summit is the goal of course, but the real reward is in taking the journey in the first place.

Mt Kilimanjaro map of climbing routes
Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – Marangu Route Tour Price
♦ 5 Day Mountain Adventure From $1,650


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – Rongai Route    Tour Price
♦ 8 Day Mountain Adventure From $1,750


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – Machame Route Tour Price
♦ 9 Day Mountain Adventure From $2,150


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – Lemosho Route Tour Price
♦ 10 Day Mountain Adventure From $2,375

* Minimum of 2 and maximum of 12 per group. Prices per person, estimates only.

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